Extreme emotional abuse inflicted by a wife on a loving husband

I’m not even sure that extreme is a strong enough word. This is a difficult thing for a man to not only endure but ever admit to. The shame is overwhelming..especially when the man is perceived as a strong Type A peraonality with a fair amount of business success in his life. The reality is that I have lived with a very low self esteem since childhood..I’ve just learned how to hide it very well. Most of what I will tell about my wife, the kind of abuse and how she has treated me for 36 years to the point of me considering and attempting suicide on multiple occasions I’ve never seen or heard discussed before..and I watch a fair amount of Dr. Phil. I’ve written to him more than a few times and I’m still waiting to hear back. If anyone here expresses any interest at all in hearing about my story could go on for hours. So rather than ramble on here and never hear from any of you I will wait for any interest from any of you. I can already anticipate the first comment after I finish relating the details. “What are you..stupid or what?” If I hear from you, then thanks in advance. I’m ready to unload on some sharp, intelligent, confident and compassionate women. And trust me..if someone can tell me why I’m wrong and she’s right…it will ease my mind and likely save my sanity…because right now I think I’m going insane..my situation is so bizarre.

“The perfect blossom is a rare thing”……You could spend your life looking for one…and it would not be a wasted life”…….Katsumoto, The Last Samurai